Ali, like you've never seen him before.

Presenting over 3,200 photographs by Ken Regan from Ali's decades-spanning journey as "The Greatest."

Mosaic Legends and Muhammad Ali Enterprises created this very special mosaic e-book to allow fans special access to the greatest boxing legend of all time.

  • Zoom into the Mosaic cover and explore over 3,200 unique images full screen.
  • Tap to read about each photograph, Ali anecdotes, quotes, stories about events and more.
  • Write comments about any photo and read what other fans are saying.
  • Send Ali images to friends to check out your favorite photos.
  • Tap Chapters to learn about Ali quotes, facts and his timeline.

There is nothing in the world like a Mosaic Legends interactive e-book. Add in Muhammad Ali and you have one very special keepsake to relive the glory who is "The Greatest!"

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