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Dear Muhammad Ali, Your fights with Frazier are legend. Big ups to the Greatest.
Ajamu, Brooklyn

Mr. Ali, Maybe I am prejudiced over here in the UK. But the one with our boy Henry Cooper is my favorite of all your fights, and your toughest battle. You got knocked down, but came back for more. Henry was bloodied, but neither of you deserved an L. Great stuff from two great champs.
Ian, Manchester, England

Champ, Rope a dope for all those hours in the jungle heat. and finish him off with a fearsome KO punch. Best fight in history.
Elise, Arizona

Who can forget the punch you TOOK? Ken Norton breaking your jaw but you continued on. He might have beat you that night, but you came back and put him down. Tough! G.O.A.T!
Jesse, Nevada

Anybody who looks at the picture sees the power of one punch. But they don't get an idea of what a hard fight that was. Laying on the ropes in the heat of the jungle. Coming back after losing your title to beat the young stud. You are the Greatest.

What is your message to Ali?
"Mr. Ali, you really are the greatest of all time and a true inspiration to us all."

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